James Golden

Personal Trainer

James is the founder and managing director of the Target Training Club, racking up over 15 year’s experience in exercise and sport science since graduating with a sports and exercise science degree in 2001.

His huge passion for health and fitness turned into a career in the early 2000’s.  James had worked as a lifestyle and fitness consultant for the government, presented different forms of group fitness across the UK and spent time in fitness management before setting up Target.

Now a highly successful and respected trainer/coach in the UK, he is well known for his innovative training methods and attention to detail in exercise prescription.

James has achieved an enviable reputation in exercise prescription and has worked with a variety of individuals from professional athletes to people suffering with serious medical conditions.

James says :

I have always enjoyed health and fitness and was introduced to training at a young age competing at high levels in football and athletics.  My passion lead me to set up Target in 2007 and subsequently went onto to open the Target Training Club in 2010.  I thrive off the challenge but ultimately my satisfaction comes from inspiring people to achieve their fitness goals.

I feel it is so important to educate and help people understand the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Gyms went through a phase in the Mid 90’s to early 2000’s of being very intimidating places for Joe public to go to.  I felt it was important to create an environment which was not intimidating in any shape or form but at the same time to ensure the facility and environment supported the clients to achieve their goals.  I believe we have exactly that at the Target Training Club which is very unique in that respect.

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