Personal Training

Target has built its reputation on delivering high standards of personal training and boasts an impressive team of professionals to guarantee results inspired by Managing Director – James Golden, who has over 15 years in health and fitness.

Personal training is at the heart of the club as it was built on a foundation of personal training in 2010.  The club originally formed as small personal training studio which was built on the concept of creating a personalised approach to your fitness to ensure that you reach your target. The name says it all ‘Target’, you come in with a specific goal and our personal trainers make sure that you have all the tools and support needed to help you achieve your specific target!  The club has come a long way since our humble beginnings and now evolved into a trendy boutique gym with a sense of community. 
At Target we understand that everyone is unique and as such needs a training programme that suits their needs which is why we tailor programmes to your requirements. Our personal training plus service is ideal for people who can’t get the 23 hours outside of the gym right and as such are not seeing the progress they would like to. With this programme add-on you will be supported completely and we will give you all the tools needed to succeed in reaching your targets!
The Training club is blessed with state of the art technology to support your personal training and ensure you in reach your goals. We use 2 pieces of equipment to track your progress and effectiveness in training at the club.  The ‘InBody’ machine will provide an in depth analysis of your body composition in order to provide key information such as body fat %, muscle tissue %, where on the body you are storing fat and if you have any muscluar imbalances that we need to correct.  We also use the ‘MyZone’ technology to track your fitness, progression and your heart rate and more while training.


Target Fitness

Target Fitness Retreats offer luxurious escapes to scenic locations in the UK and Spain, where you can enjoy high quality, nutritious food and training sessions tailored to your fitness levels. Our Retreats are designed to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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