HIIT and Yoga

We run a perfect blend of fitness classes to ensure all components of fitness are met. No matter what style of training you enjoy, we will have something for you.

Our facility offers a dedicated Yoga room and a brand new HIIT studio along designed to deliver the highest quality of group fitness classes. Our aim is to provide expert guidance and motivate you to maximise the impact from our fitness classes.

At target we specialise in HITT and Yoga which allows us to focus in ensuing we run the best deliver the highest standard of class delivery . We run an internal training programme with our brilliant instructors to ensure each ones of our teachers in our classes use the latest and greatest techniques in our group fitness . We have built a strong reputation for our excellence in group fitness classes and we are confident you will be hooked once you start with us,


You can simply pay as go or we often a variety of packages which may be more cost effective for the regular attendee.

* £12.50 per class

* £85.00 for a block of 10 classes (Target member price)

* £90.00 for a block of 10 classes (Non-member price)

* £60.00 direct debit monthly membership


Target Fitness

Target Fitness Retreats offer luxurious escapes to scenic locations in the UK and Spain, where you can enjoy high quality, nutritious food and training sessions tailored to your fitness levels. Our Retreats are designed to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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