Club Membership

Our exclusive club memberships are catered to you, regardless of your fitness levels and experience.

We offer three types of membership at our club. Our premium membership includes all of our group fitness classes, anytime use of the training facility and one-hour of personal training each month to ensure you are fully supported in reaching your goals.

The Target membership includes anytime use of the gym and a one-hour of personal training per month and our class membership provides you unlimited access to all of our group fitness classes.

The club offers a total of 150 memberships to ensure exclusivity is provided. Every member will be assigned a personal training mentor based on their goals to guide them with lifestyle, nutrition and fitness advice.

Our club has fitness trainers with a variety of training expertise who will set you benchmarks within your limits to ensure your goals are achieved. Our training club is the perfect place to reach your Target, offering cutting edge equipment, latest and most effective training techniques, knowledge-able staff and personal trainers providing the perfect, complete boutique experience.

The mixture of all of these attributes makes this the perfect training facility to test yourself and achieve what you couldn’t at the big box gyms.

Class Membership

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Target Membership

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Premium Membership

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Target Fitness Retreats offer luxurious escapes to scenic locations in the UK and Spain, where you can enjoy high quality, nutritious food and training sessions tailored to your fitness levels. Our Retreats are designed to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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